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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

– Joe Mastriano, CPA

Joe is a member of the Sugar Land Rotary, whose mission includes promoting integrity, fellowship, and good will.

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Before you hire any IRS representation firm, answer three key questions about the firm and their smooth pitch.  Many IRS representation firms are better marketers than advocates for their clients. Don’t rush into hiring one because the message sounds good.  The wrong choice costs you more time and money.  We developed creative, effective solutions over the past 30 years.  We will bring this creative advocacy to your case.  Click here and start taking control of your IRS problems.

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Hi! I’m Joe Mastriano, CPA.

And if you’re attempting to resolve any IRS Tax Problems, I urge you to read to this very important message.

I own a licensed Professional CPA Firm that specializes in resolving IRS problems. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked on literally 1,000’s of tax cases, I’ve learned a lot about the IRS and the tax industry.

I want you to give this message your serious consideration.

I will make 3 important points, and then go on to exposing misleading claims from companies that are not licensed CPA Firms.

First point:  The knowledge required to effectively resolve IRS Problems is very specific, but it doesn’t require the person with most impressive list of credentials. So an ex-IRS Attorney or auditor with 25 years of service with the IRS may not know exactly how the collection division works.

They may not know the new procedures currently followed by the audit or other divisions.

Solving IRS problems requires specific up to date knowledge.

The knowledge is gained from working many cases similar to yours.

WE have that knowledge!

Second point: It’s important to choose the right company that has specific knowledge.

I strongly urge you to only consider a law firm or CPA firm professionally licensed by the state they are in.

When the Firm is policed by their professional state board, only then do you have the highest level of assurance of quality ethical work.

We are a licensed professional CPA firm.

Third Point: Over the past 10 years many non-professionally licensed companies have sprung up all over the country creating, a bad name for companies who specialize in IRS representation. People, out of their desperate need for tax resolution, forget that a CPA who specializes in IRS representation is a CPA first with all the responsibility and integrity that CPA’s are known for. You must be aware of the gimmicks used by these New Kids on the Block.

I urge you to contact us now at 713-774-4467 to discuss the benefits of what my CPA firm can do for you!

Or you can continue reading, as I expose some of the misleading claims by non licensed CPA firms.

 Flat Fee, Money back Guarantee, Guaranteed Tax reduction – Scam

Over the years I’ve watched companies come and go in this business.  Each, tries to appeal to what the consumer wants just to get their business.  Their marketing group will study consumer behavior and realize that many people are scared and don’t trust their own judgment when selecting a representation firm.  They find out that people are also afraid of being overcharged.

So, they come up with a flat fee arrangement.  But flat fees don’t work for representation cases. I will tell you that I have personally spoken to many people over the years who have been given flat fees. They fall into two categories.

They were overcharged.
They were under quoted and the case was rushed and the client suffered.

Why put in time and effort to go the extra mile for your customer if you are not getting paid for it?

I’ve found that money back guarantees either have fine print clauses that make it ineffective, or they are used by companies who are new to the business, or training clerks to do professional work. If their trainee makes a mistake, then they offer to give you some money back. The problem with that is that the damage done often costs you more money than the money returned. Especially after you have to contact the company several times to make a formal claim.

Penalty removals are usually automatic or very hard to get. It is totally at the discretion of the IRS. I have heard many stories from consumers who paid good money to representatives based on a guarantee of lowering taxes, only to be discouraged when they were told …”sorry the IRS just didn’t want to do their job and grant it to you!”

We have been very effective at reducing taxes for our clients, but only when they really qualified for it in the first place.

We are the best, most experienced, largest IRS representation firm – Scam

There is no accredited or accepted rating service for companies that perform IRS representation. When you think about it, how can anyone know who is the best, or the most experienced or the largest? It makes no sense.

And how do you decide if a company should be considered? I know some large national CPA firms who do a decent volume of IRS representation for their wealthy clients. They don’t directly advertise that they do IRS representation. Are they considered in the comparison? I’ll bet they are larger, better, and more experienced than any of those representation companies you see on a list of the so called top firms in the industry.

Who are they trying to kid?

Some of them have gone as far as telling people they are listed #1 or #2 on a site that rates IRS representation companies. As one of my competitors boasts on their site: The rating sites are owned by the companies that are listed as the best! Stay away from any company trying to get your business by claiming that they are the largest, most experienced and the best choice in the whole U.S.

Get An Advocate Who Works For You

Don’t be scammed. Tax resolution is mostly at the discretion of the IRS. No company has an unfair advantage over any other. These are all gimmicks. Nothing will take the place of knowledge, experience, and profession responsibility gained over many years of practice by a licensed law firm or CPA firm.

Not an unlicensed company that has attorneys and CPA’s on staff.  The company itself, should be licensed as a CPA firm or Law firm. Only then they are regulated by a professional state licensing board.

That is how “you” have the best assurance of ethical quality work. We are a licensed professional CPA firm for over 30 years. Add that to the thousands of successful tax cases, and the excellent reputation we have, and that makes us a good candidate for your serious consideration.

So why not put my many years of successful IRS experience and excellent representation to work for you right now. Don’t settle for inexperience and scare tactics.  We can help you resolve your IRS issues, before the IRS resolves it for you, in their own way, and to their own satisfaction. Call me right now, at 713-774-4467.

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