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CP 22E – This I consider an audit, too.  You must have quality representation or the IRS will have their way with you.  Contact Form

The IRS Examination Notice CP 22E notice is sent by the IRS when tax increases are made to your account and the increases resulted in an unpaid balance of or more. Generally, when you get this notice, you will need to pay the amount that is due. You may find an envelop with the CP 22E notice, for your convenience in sending your check to the Service. Do not forget to include the bottom part of this notice so that the IRS will credit your account correctly.

Generally, the change in the tax account is based on the result of an IRS audit examination. You don’t even have to be aware of it! The IRS can and does conduct audits without your knowledge. If they think everything is O.K. then you probably will never know it happened. If not you will get a letter. You should respond with your proof for any items you want to claim are justified. Or you can just agree to their changes. Often the reasons for the change are missing. How nice! We can pull your third party payer information (W-2, 1099, K-1, etc.) call us at 713-774-4467 and see why the IRS has different information than you. After reading the information under the “free advice” tab on this site, you want to call the IRS yourself and ask, then they can give you that information over the phone. You may have to make a few calls. Hang in there.

Ignoring The IRS Examination Notice CP 22E

Incase you are not able to pay the entire amount all at once, don’t ignore the IRS. Anytime you owe money and can’t pay it, there are options. You can do a payment plan or an offer in compromise. Please look at the free advice tab on this site. It has a lot of valuable information.

If you receive the CP 22E notice and you disregard it, then the IRS will assess that amount due and try to collect it from you. They may even file a Federal Tax Lien. If you continue to ignore the IRS, they will take collection action such as a levy on your wages, bank account, retirement plan, etc.

If you disagree with the CP 22E notice, you should contact us at 713-774-4467 for help, or if the amount is too small to warrent paying for professional services, read the “free advice” tab on this web site and attempt to straighten it out yourself.

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So now you have a balance due based on your IRS Examination Notice CP 22E notice, call us for help!