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Making a payment on this page is your acknowledgment of the following disclosure…

I/we understand that the success of any case involving the IRS hinges on my/our timeliness of responding to phone calls, and emails from Joe Mastriano, P.C. As such I/we will be responsible to make sure they have updated numbers and addresses, and that I/we respond in a timely manner. IRS cases have deadlines for information. Not responding in a timely manner causes additional time and fees to be expended. It is my/our responsibility to meet these deadlines. or arrange a suitable alternative. Not meeting IRS deadlines, or contacting this firm in a timely manner, usually results in adverse consequences such as taxpayer rights expiring or collection action being taken against the taxpayer.


Important: for security reasons, our payment service uses AVS (Address Verification System) to make sure that the address information which you provide (country, state/region, city, zip/postal code) matches the one on record on your cc or bank account; please make sure you enter the correct information in those fields. Making payment is also acknowledgement of written communication that this firm pays referral commissions of approx. 5% of the total money collected during the first two years. Retainer payments are not refundable, but may be at the discretion of the firm.

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