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The success of our CPA firm is specializing in representing payers before the IRS lies in their ability to manage people successfully. Nothing takes the place of the right combination of knowledge, experience, and education. Each firm member brings their specific talents to the group. Together, we operate efficiently and effectively. After 40 years and thousands of successful tax cases, we know what it takes to favorably solve most any IRS matter, no matter how difficult. Find out how others have benefited by hiring our firm, and contact us today.

Joe Mastriano, CPAJoe Mastriano, CPA

Joe graduated Magna Cum Laude from one of the top state schools in New York, SUNY at Buffalo. After working for Arthur Young, a big 8 accounting firm, he started his CPA firm in 1980. After the first few years specializing in taxpayer representation, the firm became a referral source for other CPA’s and attorneys. Over the last 40 years Joe has helped people resolve their most difficult tax matters. He has also helped many people overcome their issues causing them to not file, owe taxes, be audited, and in general, not feel the joy and excitement they did when they first started their profession or their business. Joe says that poor accounting records, unfiled returns, overpaying taxes, allowing yourself to be audited, and feeling that your job or business is a chore, are symptoms of something much greater. He says “let’s put an end to this now. Let’s fix what’s wrong and let our professions (jobs) and businesses be an empowering force in our lives”. Call us now, before the IRS and creditors get to you first.

Today Joe is sought out by people who have hired other companies who made wild promises of results. These people are now worse off after spending thousands of dollars foolishly. Joe shows people how to look past the promised claims of results, and understand not to trust companies unless they are professionally licensed by the state they are in. Statements such as “We have over 50 years combined experience.” “We work the fastest or your money back.” “We can definitely get you an offer for X amount of dollars.” must be examined closely. Is there a licensed professional firm making the statement? Does it make sense? Many claims of results by non-licensed professional firms are unethical.
Many tax representation firms are in business to take advantage of your tax situation. They hike up fees to pay their high priced sales people. Are they experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you guide your company to success? Over 90% of payment plans with the IRS fail. Joe stands for “Ethical, Professional, Experienced, Results”. Do not settle for less!

His clients have experienced amazing success in their personal and business lives. You can too.
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 Robin Lampear Robin Lampear

Robin is a career accountanting professional. Having worked for CPA firms since the 1970’s, she has developed a strong working knowledge for financial statements and tax returns. She currently prepares most of the tax returns for the company. She also does financial statements, and fills in as a CFO for our clients. Call her with all of your accounting and tax needs. Whether it’s bookkeeping, foreign income, contract labor, or structuring companies, she will know what to do. So let her save you money on your taxes, while helping you make money in your business. All this without an extra risk of an audit. Ask her why most tax returns are “audits waiting to happen”, and why you would be crazy not to have her do your returns. She may just tell you why her returns have not been audited. » Robin@taxproblem.org

2014-03-10 09 29 54Stephanie Tyler

Houston native with a family background that originated from Louisiana. She attended University of Houston- Central Campus, with a major in Nursing and minor in Business. When it comes to speaking with clients, customer service is her cup of tea. She has extensive knowledge about helping taxpayers resolve their tax issues. She considers her strong communication skills to be a key factor when helping clients. Stephanie does our free evaluations. Call her and discuss your IRS situation. She may know more than your current accountant, and is willing to direct you toward the best solution. » stephanie@taxproblem.org

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