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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

– Joe Mastriano, CPA

Joe is a member of the Sugar Land Rotary, whose mission includes promoting integrity, fellowship, and good will.

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Let Our Accounting Firm Help You Solve All Your IRS Problems…

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What Makes Us Different?

The answer is simple.  We are a professional CPA firm specializing in IRS tax service and problem-solving, not just an IRS tax relief firm.

If you are trouble with the IRS we can show you the way out.  That is one side of our business, the side that made us famous in the IRS representation field.   The IRS respects the creative solutions and determination we use to get our clients out of trouble.

Every case we handle goes through our four steps to resolve your IRS problems. Our four steps to IRS peace-of-mind and freedom.

The other side our professional service is to make sure your returns never get audited in the first place.  That is best way to deal with the IRS, even in a time the IRS is increasing the number of audits of taxpayers.

We have a four step process for that as well.  To the best of our knowledge, using our system, the IRS never sees a red flag on our clients’ returns to start an audit.  Our four steps to true IRS freedom.

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Our Four Step Service To IRS Peace-of-Mind and Freedom.

Step 1: The Consultation

We listen to your tax situation and discuss unique alternative solutions. After thousands of successful cases, it’s rare to find one that we have not experienced.

Step 2: – Begin Protection

We contact the IRS and stop harassment or collection action. We use our decades of case experience to develop the best strategy for you. We will resolve your tax issues and save you time, headaches and money.

Step 3: – Compliance.

We use our in-depth understanding of how the IRS works to make sure you are in compliance, protected and not at risk for collection action.

Step 4: Case Closed!

Your case is resolved! We show you how to never worry about the IRS again. Freedom!

Your four step process to freedom from the IRS begins with a free consultation.  Let us know when you want to begin. Free Evaluation

$300 Consultation

Most IRS representation firms are happy to offer you a free consultation. We do that too, but these consultations are only an opportunity to understand your situation and outline a general course of action.  It’s a sales meeting.

The answers you need to fully understand what to do in your situation to benefit the best only come after you sign-up for the service. This is different.  For up to an hour you will have a one on one session with Joe.  Ask him anything you like.  He will tell you exactly how he would solve your tax problems as if you were a client. How to avoid audits, how make sure collection actions never happen, how get penalties removed or whether filing for an offer in compromise or bankruptcy is prudent. Whatever you need to know, Joe will tell you.

After the meeting you will walk away with the knowledge you need to handle your IRS problems. With this knowledge you can direct a friend who you chose to help you or do your own case, saving thousands of dollars! To meeting with Joe, click here to set it up today.
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Our Four Step Service To Avoid Ever Being Audited By The IRS

The best way to deal with the IRS is to avoid them all together.  To the best of our knowledge, every client who uses this service has never been audited.

The service is outlined below.

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Step 1: We File An Extention To Gain Time.

Be patient, don’t rush to get your return finished and filed. A delay now is your best tactic to keep the IRS away.

Step 2: We Learn What The IRS Knows About You.

We pull your wage and income transcript records the IRS maintains in your file for the current tax year. We sync the records, so there are no income issues.

Step 3: The Critical Step – We Pioneered This.

The return is prepared, using the procedures we developed to document and footnote your return, so there are no IRS red-flags.

Step 4: Picking The Right Time To File The Return

Timing is everything in life and taxes. The return is submitted only after a return is most to likely to not be selected for an audit.

Our Special Group Service

Do you have any questions about your status with the IRS?  Has the IRS sent you letters or notices and you don’t understand why? You know you missed filing returns in the past few years, yet you are afraid to file them fearing the worst?   Don’t understand why deductions on a return were disallowed?

Dealing with the IRS is intimidating.  So many of our clients know they have IRS problems.   Yet, they find every excuse to avoid getting the information they need to start fixing the problem.  Contacting the IRS, they fear, will make the problem worse.

We understand.  We offer a simple, confidential solution.  We call it our Special Group Program.

With your permission we pull your IRS records for the last ten years.  This will tell us exactly what is causing your problems. We will review this information with you in detail.

Knowing the problem is your beginning to solving the problem.

You may decide to continue with us.  That’s good because we offer every service needed to solve your IRS issues and get your life back to normal.

You may come away enough information to solve it yourself.  We even have you covered there with Joe’s free book.  You can down load it here.

Need to know more?  Tell us your problems.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ran JeetInternational Holdings

Chris – Web Designer

Einar Pedersen Businessman

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Let Our Houston Accounting Firm Help You Solve All Your IRS Problems…

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