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“How To Represent Yourself Before the IRS” Copyright© by Joe Mastriano, CPA

Chapter 1: Represent Yourself Before The IRS
Chapter 2: Delinquent Tax Returns
Chapter 3: Trust Fund Penalty
Chapter 4: Using Form 433A, 433F & 433B
Chapter 5: Offer In Compromise
Chapter 6: Liens and Levies
Chapter 7: Letters and Notices

Chapter 8: Payment Plans
Chapter 9: Penalty Removals
Chapter 10: Form 433B
Chapter 11: Joint Tax Returns
Chapter 12: Penalties and Interest
Chapter 13: Audits

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The tax relief you’ve been waiting for is now available!

I may be crazy, but under this free IRS advice advice tab I reveal the tax relief methods that I have used for over 30 years, in well over 1,000 successful negotiations with the IRS,  free!

Why would I show you “how to deal with the IRS” for free?

For many years I was afraid that if I told people how to effectively deal with the IRS, that I would be out of a job. Why hire me if you can save professional fees and represent yourself before the IRS, right?

Boy was I wrong! There are people who won’t deal with the IRS period. They don’t want to deal with the emotional stress, the technical nature, and the risk of dealing with the federal government, etc. They’ve heard the stories of levies and seizures. That’s one reason why I’ve had CPA’s and attorneys as clients!

There are people who can obtain money for professional services and want to make sure they get the best tax representation possible.

There are people who would deal with the IRS, and have even tried, but were unsuccessful. They learned that this was not something to handle themselves, and now they want help.

There are people in the above categories who have hired someone to help them, but never got the problem resolved.

These people will still want to hire me to represent them!
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What about all the rest of you that need tax relief free?

I want you to know that the majority of the calls and emails I get daily, are from people who do not have the money to pay for professional CPA help! These people are left to do one of the following…

Call the IRS, when they have little or no experience of their own. These people often become victims, overpaying tax, or getting collection action because of not understanding what is expected of them.

They contact local representatives who offer free help, which often hurts them more.

They enter installment payment arrangements for services without realizing what they are signing, and when the IRS problem isn’t solved, they are left with the IRS levies and the monthly drafts from their account.

They seek free opinions from people on the Internet, and really get into trouble. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between helping yourself, and what the IRS considers “tax protester” actions.

They hire low cost representatives who have little experience or who pass the case on to low paid trainees. The results are worse than doing it themselves, and now they are out the money they paid.

I’ve personally watched this happen over the years. And… I was a part of it! Every time I turned someone down because they couldn’t pay the fees, they were left without professional help. These people became victims of the IRS system. Many of them, I found out later still had the same problems!

Well no more, I say!

I put everything under this “free advice” tab.

Don’t you want to have an understanding of the IRS, and how they handle situations like yours, so you can take the correct actions to resolve it?

Do you want to take the initiative so that you don’t have to rely on what an employee of the IRS tells you? You can check up on your own to see that it is done. If not, you will know the steps to take to secure that the issue is resolved, or at least no collection action will be taken till it is resolved. Just read the chapters under this tab.

Is this legal, you ask?

I always advocate full compliance and cooperation with the IRS. The federal government requires us to file and pay our taxes. They further require us to avoid tax schemes, or we can be subject to federal prosecution! I’ve had clients who were former tax protestors and have gotten them into compliance. I would not maintain my reputation as a CPA with the IRS, and the general public, if I tried to tell you do anything that was illegal, or against any IRS policies. My purpose is to get you through the IRS system with the least amount of trouble, while saving the most money. All the methods I’ve used have met with IRS acceptance by their employees. If not at first, then an alternative method that was accepted was used.

Free tax relief, disclaimer and warning…

The use of this information does not constitute specific legal advice. The firm of Joe Mastriano, P.C. will not be liable for the results of any actions you take. This information is a collection of my actual experiences, and how you can use it to be successful in dealing with the IRS as I have been. That’s all. It is not meant to be an all inclusive book on the IRS. It will not be appropriate for all situations. The firm is in the business of providing professional advice and does so after consulting with Joe Mastriano; but only after an agreement is made as to services and fees, and a retainer for services is acknowledged as received by the firm.

I’m not going to fool you, I firmly believe that this type of legal work requires having proper representation. Yes, even for the most simple matters of the IRS. I have seen simple ‘mole hills turned into mountains’ when dealing with the IRS. In addition, when dealing with our legal system, you always have greater advantages when hiring a good representative. Would O. J. Simpson have beaten a murder rap if he represented himself?

Inside my site you will find references to factual situations I’ve encountered in my practice. These are not specific recommendations I am advising you to follow. You have to make the final decisions on what methods you ultimately follow. Examples of results others have achieved are given so that you can get a broader understanding of what people have done successfully. This way you can plan an educated approach. I will not be your conscience. I want conservative people and aggressive people alike to use my tax relief information, based on their own level of comfort…

I am bending over backwards to give you the best of what I have from over 30 years in the business. My experiences, knowledge, tricks, tactics, etc. that I know can help you in dealing with the IRS are included in this site. I can give you play by play my advice on…

How to fill out IRS collection forms – my way, so that you have more control of the results!
How to guarantee that the IRS will never take collection action against you. (Did I say guarantee? Well let’s just say that after thousands payment plans, and thousands of discussions with other practitioners and potential clients, I know of no exceptions to this!).
How to make your situation fit an offer in compromise, even if it currently doesn’t.
How to trim your large corporate payroll liability approximately in half, so you don’t go broke paying off the debt, or be forced by the IRS to shut the company down. (I do this every month for clients!)
How to make the IRS, and other related agencies work your case for you.
How to get the IRS to believe that your current situation is true, and they should accept a payment play on your terms, (or close to your terms).
What to do when the IRS says “No” and is not cooperative. This alone will make or break any case. What if they say they will do something and don’t, and then you get a levy? Do you want to complain that it wasn’t your fault, or do you want to take control and prevent that from happening in the first place?
Why the IRS really doesn’t care about the dates and times of the conversations you had with other IRS employees. Also why it is necessary to know what has to be done to resolve your IRS issue, so you can take the responsibility to see that you and the IRS make sure it gets done.

What this site is NOT…

It is not a guide for preparing your income taxes.
It is not a comprehensive IRS directory of offices and phone numbers.
It is not a copy of the IRS collection manual or other IRS guides, forms, etc.
It is not a legal reference book of comprehensive rules.

I will not waste your time giving you information you can download from the web, or get from a book you could buy off a shelf. If you search long enough, you will find many tax guides, IRS help guides, etc. These guides just feed you back information that you can get somewhere else. I own some of them. They are valuable because they save me a lot of time researching from scratch. You will find these guides useful as well. I recommend that people purchase them to get a handle on the ‘technical’ information that is useful in resolving IRS issues. But…

I have never seen information like mine, revealing from vast experience, the insider ways of effectively dealing with the IRS. My competitors will hate me for this. I’m not sure if the IRS will too. In the meantime, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the benefits of my free advice. It’s TAX RELIEF FOR FREE!

Thanks for the free IRS advice, but what if I still need help?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. Once you get familiar with my site, and still want to run everything by me, for just $300, you can have me review, on the phone with you, everything you have done. I can tell you if your plan of “attack” seems reasonable. This will be a paid consultation, a one phone call of up to 1 hour, given by me Joe Mastriano, CPA. During the call you can fax me anything you want me to review, including 433a, 433b, tax returns, and offer forms you filled out.

If you are considering hiring us, call Joe Mastriano, CPA 713-774-4467.
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