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Jackson Donald

in the last week
I went to a tax prep company that said they could do my taxes cheap. Turns out my taxes were too complicated for them. Joe and his team were able to straighten out my tax problem. I owed a lot of money but Joe was able to negotiate an agreement I could live with. Highly recommend!


Lizzy Samuels

in the last week
I ended up being audited. It’s a long story but I was in big trouble. Joe and Linda got me out of the bind I was in. They also told me how to avoid problems in the future! They are doing my taxes from now on!


Sarah Thomson

11 months ago
Joe was extremely helpful and timely! He corrected my filing mistake from two years ago and reduced my $8k tax bill down to the correct $100. Working with him was a pleasure and stress free. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who needs help with IRS representation and tax returns.


Ginger Karime

7 months ago
I just didn’t understand some of the fine points in business taxes. I got some bad advice. Fortunately for me, Joe and his team were able to take on my audit and straighten things out. If you need IRS help Joe is the one to talk to!


Bojan S

a year ago
My wife and I haven’t filed in over 5 years. I had talked to a few IRS Representation companies and they keep telling me how great they were and how they can help me sleep at night. All said the same thing. When I called Joe Mastriano, P.C. about 6 months ago, Stephanie explained for free more detail than they did. I set up a consultation with Joe who told me exactly how the IRS keeps records and what needs to be done to get my deductions without being audited. They very aggressively did my returns. Putting down ALL and I mean ALL of my deductions and credits and whatever. The returns were accepted and never sent to an audit. These people are the most experienced ever, and what a great fun experience it was for me as we laughed each time I had to do something.


Stanley Carlyle

a year ago
After Joe reviewed my tax returns I saw how the returns easily could have been the source of a BIG audit. They have a very common sense approach to understanding what the IRS looks for. They showed me how they put comments on the returns to get the IRS to accept my deductions. Never did returns like that before. No wonder I was audited twice in the last 10 years. Thank you. I will come here every year and bring people.
Florence J.
Manhattan, NY

I was in a very bad financial situation due to a divorce and my ex was very irresponsible. I signed up for a consultation with Joe, and after talking to him I decided to hire him. He and his office helped me out tremendously!

Susan A.

Atlanta, GA


I was very impressed with the amount of information on Joe’s website so I went ahead and scheduled a consultation with him. He is very knowledgeable and was able to tell me how to get out of my situation. Thanks!

Joyce C.

Sayreville, NJ


I had a tough year financially and ended up in trouble with the IRS. It seemed like I would never get out from under the situation but fortunately, Joe and his staff knew what to do. He also gave me many tips on how to avoid audits and improve my financial situation. I will be back next tax season!

Steven A.

Cedar Park, TX



I am a real estate appraiser and have been in business in Austin, Texas for the past 37 years.

Joe consulted with me last week for a one hour telephone conversation.  I asked tax related questions to better understand a specific tax issue and Joe brought his 30+ years of IRS and accounting experience, combined with common sense, to the call.  At the end of the call, I felt as though we had thoroughly discussed the issue and agreed upon a solid business decision regarding this specific tax matter.

For anyone seeking advice from a Texas CPA regarding IRS or tax related issues, I would recommend Joe Mastriano and Unique Tax Solutions located in Houston, Texas.

Joyce L.



I highly recommend Joe for IRS problems. He solved mine! I can now rest assured that my tax returns are not an audit waiting to happen.

Harris T.


Joe’s company has explained how to never fear the IRS again. I got an audit letter from IRS. They explained to me how to politely not speak to them. I told the auditor that I hired Joe Mastriano, P.C. and gave him the phone number. He said he had it already since he had cases with them. I asked his opinion and he said they are good folk and I was in good hands. I hope my audit turns out the way I want it too. So far I am feeling pretty good.

Tom I.


I have hired accountants in the past and I have to say that Joe Mastriano’s company did a very good job helping me with my IRS problem. Stephanie was the first person I talked to and she was very informative and pleasant. She set up an appointment for me to talk to Joe. Joe’s knowledge and experience was very impressive and I felt very comfortable having them work for me. They contacted the IRS for me and worked out a resolution to my problem, just like they said they would. I would recommend that you talk to them if you have any IRS trouble.

Leroy S.


My first contact was with Stephanie who was very nice, professional, and didn’t try to make up stuff just to get money from me. She explained why it was necessary to do a consultation. Since she wasn’t the licensed professional, she wasn’t going to act like she know how to handle my case. Steve Fuqua was the professional assigned to my account. He is confident, fast, smart and everything you would want in someone to help you with any tax or IRS problem. I needed to establish an installment agreement. I was scared to tell the IRS all about my inheritance, and value of my business. We spent a lot of time answering all of my questions. Then, we put together a set of financials for the IRS collection lady. I was very surprised to find out that we got an agreement for less than we anticipated. He then instructed me on what I needed to do so that I didn’t break the agreement and cause a bank levy. Very professional, very helpful. This is the CPA firm you want.

Mary E.


I had some problems with the IRS that I couldn’t handle. I knew I needed someone I could rely on to help. After searching the internet for accountants with A+ BBB ratings, I found Joe. His office staff were courteous and caring. They set me up with Joe right away. I came back from the first meeting impressed with Joe’s understanding of my problem and how to handle it. He eased my fears and gave me hope. Joe and his staff got me caught up with my back tax returns and into a payment plan that leaves me enough money each month to live on! I didn’t think that would be possible! I can’t thank them enough!

If you have tax or IRS problems I would HIGHLY recommend Joe and his staff!! Thanks Joe!!!