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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

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Owing money to the IRS is worse than owing credit card debt!  Not only will you pay interest, but you will pay penalties and suffer IRS collection action and harassment from letters and phone calls.  Stop IRS harassment!  Reduce what you owe!

Owing the IRS money is a very serious matter. Often a collection officer is not sympathetic to your current financial situation, even if you feel that the error is theirs and that you do not owe the IRS tax! So if you want time to gather documents and receipts to prove that you do not owe the IRS tax, or owe substantially less, then you must still provide the revenue officer with the requested collection information. This information will reveal where you and your spouse work, and where your assets are, including bank numbers.

If you do not give the revenue officer everything they demand, whether they are right or wrong, you risk levies and seizures of your paycheck, bank account, retirement account, social security check, and any other source of income. No matter how friendly a revenue officer may appear, always remember that they work for the government, not you! It is their job to collect all the money that their computer screen shows, in the shortest period of time. Remember that there is also TAS, Taxpayer Advocate Services, that can help you solve your IRS problems.

As an experienced Certified Public Accountant I have examined hundreds of cases a year, I have found that most people, when owing the IRS, in their attempt to resolve the matter, will overpay taxes, not file all required reports correctly, or suffer unnecessary levies and seizures of their assets. There are ways to remove taxes because of statute expiration, penalty removals, offers in compromise, etc. These things are often missed. There are ways to bind the IRS into an agreement that will stop them from additional collection action. In fact, I believe that over 90% of the people who tell me that they are in IRS installment agreements fail at least one of the five needed tests.

Solutions When Owing The IRS…

When owing the IRS, don’t call a revenue officer of the IRS without first visiting with a taxpayer defender who does this every day. There are too many things that can go wrong when someone who does not have the day-to-day knowledge and experience tries to handle a representation before the collection division. The collection officers are trained to use many tactics to their advantage. I represent CPAs and Attorneys who otherwise would be quite capable of handling financial matters. However, they recognize my expertise in this area, and that it is necessary to hire someone with my level of experience.

If you need a specialist to help fix or deal with your IRS trouble, look no further. If the IRS has garnished your wages or you are faced with an intent to levy that you want to dispute, a Certified Public Accountant is your best professional defense. IRS rules and strategies are constantly changing and a lot of times legal firms do not stay updated with these changes. An experienced fighter is your best defense to beat or settle your IRS debt.

If you hire an experienced Certified Public Accountant to advise you, it can greatly help your chances of getting settlement offers in compromise (OIC), payment plans, redemption of innocent spouse relief, release of liens, nonfiler assistance and many other tax reconsiderations. There are many advantages of hiring a certified tax resolution specialist. Often you should avoid large companies that are advertised on TV. You should find a trustworthy representative that can give references. An experienced fighter to help manage tax liability, penalties and other tax debt is needed.

There are times you may find yourself paying the IRS more than you need to survive. When you owe late or old taxes the IRS expects their money. The correct analyst can help you come up with arrangements that are in your favor.

You can also get information on how to set up a payment plan by clicking the payment plans link in the right side menu.

Hiring An Enrolled Agent As A Solution?

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax professional that the federal government approves as a specialist and can represent the taxpayer before the IRS. Many taxpayers seek professional help when it is time to file their taxes. You are responsible for your tax return regardless of who prepares it. That is why it is very important to choose an Enrolled Agent wisely. The EA should be employed by a CPA firm to get the benefits of a licensed professional firm. They should be knowledgeable in recognizing audit triggers.

If you received notification of being audited you will want the right consultants on your side. Timing can be very critical. There are many things that can set off audit triggers. With the right tips you can audit proof your return and receive results that you find favorable, if you are audited.

You can also get information on how to set up a payment plan by clicking the payment plans link in the right side menu.

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These are common terms and our thoughts about them used us in our business.

cp 02h – you owe a balance due as a result of amending your tax return.
cid- Criminal investigations division for willful non filing of taxes.
owe money on taxes – and can’t pay all of it now.
letter 0549c – balance due on account is paid.
collection statute- laws on taking actions like of limitations for taking your money after 10 years of date of assessment.
owe money to the irs – for many years. Can I get a reduction?
federal income tax – various laws to refute income tax changes.
business tax lien-IRS lien on bank account for payroll taxes.
cp 166 – we were unable to process your monthly payment because there were insufficient funds in your bank account.
bank levy – The hold on my bank from not paying my taxes.
enrolled agent – Hire Ex IRS agent to protect against collection officer.
can irs garnish my wages- yes a/r levy, wage levy, bank levy, most all stock and retirement accounts.
debt garnishment – paycheck garnish, bank account, will my paycheck be levied?
cp 297a – notice of levy and notice of your right to a hearing.
can irs take my ira- and take my retirement, social security, disability check.
cp 71 – you received this notice to remind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
seizure of bank accounts – release checks bounced.
can’t pay the IRS- What if I can’t pay the IRS? Do payment arrangements.
enforced collection actions – Can IRS take my house?
federal taxes owed – Attorney to resolve tax issues.
letter 1615 – mail us your overdue tax returns.
audit tips – Various ways to prevent an audit or how to handle an IRS audit.
business lawyer- to reduce business tax liability.
income tax owed – What options are there if I owe taxes and can’t pay?
federal tax resolution – need to resolve my tax problems owed.
back taxes owed – Past due tax from prior years, or prior quarters, owed to the IRS.
basis of assets – The tax rules on assets to determine gains or losses etc.
cp 501 – you have a balance due (money you owe the IRS) on one of your tax accounts.
criminal investigation division – IRS CID fraud prosecution.
cp 51b – we computed the tax on your Form 1040, 1040a or 1040ez. You owe taxes.
cp 71d – you received this notice to remind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
cp 71a – you received this notice to remind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
irs collection strategies – what are options when you owe IRS taxes?
cp 21c – we made change(s) you requested, not due a refund nor owe money. Account is zero.
call from irs- phoney call scam. Does IRS call tax payers? Usually no.
first b notice form w-9 – backup withholding.
cp 503 – we have not heard from you and you still have an unpaid balance on one of your tax accounts.
bk wipe out irs debt – ask “what years can a bankruptcy wipe out of IRS debt?” usually if over 3 years assessed.
tax debt consultants – to stop revenue officer.
cp 188 – we are holding your refund until we determine you owe no other taxes.
afraid to talk to the IRS – If you don’t have exp. dealing with the IRS and don’t know that you should get your story straight first, do not talk to the IRS.
civil penalties- trust fund, code section 6672, withholding and fica taken out of paychecks unpaid, certain penalties for not filing timely.
review payment plan – for more expenses to lower monthly amount.
currently not collectable – CNC payment plan status.
cp 51c – we computed the tax on your Form 1040, 1040a or 1040ez. You owe taxes.
how to pay back taxes- How do I set up payout agreement for taxes owed?
cp 42 – the amount of your refund has changed because we used it to pay your spouse’s past due tax debt.
stop irs collections officer – what binds the IRS to an agreement?
back taxes due – Tax from more than one prior period that is owed now.
cp 71c – you received this notice to remind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
collection- Action taken by IRS for not paying your taxes.
child support wage garnishment- IRS must allow child support court ordered payments when levying on your wages.
back taxes – More than one tax owed for past periods.
from – How do I remove penalties from IRS?
assessment – to charge taxes to an IRS modual IMF or BMF to denote a liability
cp 163 – you received this notice to mind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
enrolled agents – Collection agents will seize my property.
bank account lien – The legal freeze of funds on my account when I don’t pay my taxes.
arrangements – To settle an IRS dispute such as an agreement to make monthly installments, or an offer.
help with past taxes – tax attorney specializing in past due late taxes.
collection appeals- IRS wants too much money so fight the collection action with an appeal.
cp 57 – notice of insufficient funds.
owe and can’t pay irs – what are the solutions?
cp 504B – the IRS will seize (levy) certain property or rights to property and apply it to pay the amount you owe.
oic settlement – of past due taxes.
took paycheck – what form to fill out to get back?
irs debt – must repay over how many years?
delinquent business returns – need to send to IRS, late payment penalties for not filing.
afraid the IRS will audit my return – We all should be, that’s why we keep receipts, invoices, etc. and make sure returns are filed near the extension deadline.
failure to pay penalty – Remove penalty for not paying taxes.
criminal investigations – Division for fraud charges.
fix overdue tax problems – correct overdue payments made to IRS.
money owed to irs – negotiate solutions and resolutions.
cp 14 – we sent you this notice because you owe money on unpaid taxes.
cp 180 / cp 181 – we sent you this notice because your tax return is missing a schedule or form.
cp 297c – we levied you for unpaid taxes. You have the right to a collection due process hearing.,
irs debt consolidation – can I get a reduction if I pay all at once?
breaks- Tax breaks are favors by the IRS in deductions or money paid.
bank – What will be levied with a bank levy if you do not make arrangements for paying overdue taxes?
deal – Deal with IRS to lower taxes and penalties.
irs says I owe money – How can I set up payments?
can irs take your house?-IRS can take your boat, land, car, assets taken by IRS.
enforced collection – IRS seizure to satisfy debt owed.
back pay – Money owed to you as payment from a prior period.
cp 171 – you received this notice to mind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
cp 160 – you received this notice to mind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
irs attack – on my bank account. Attack on my paycheck.
collection due process appeal- within certain rules for stop of IRS from taking assets.
letter 2050 – please call us about your overdue taxes or tax return.
stay of collections – bankruptcy to stop collections.
cp 21l – you owe money on your taxes as a result of IRA changes.
collection statute expiration date-after 10 years (if no extension actions) from assessment date taxes waved.
stay of seizure – what type of bankruptcy?
compromise income- offer in compromise based on income tax owed and settlement for less.
irs arrangements – to pay my taxes.
cp 178 – your tax return filing requirements may have changed. You may no longer owe excise tax.
cp 187 – you received this notice to mind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
can irs take social security?- IRS took my social security, retirement savings, took my refunds.
back taxes installment agreements – payment plans (usually monthly) made on prior period taxes owed.
can you make payments on taxes owed? Pay delinquent taxes in an installment plan, in a payment agreement, OIC, etc.
irs just levied my paycheck – How do I get my paycheck back?
cp 21e – you owe money on your taxes as a result of your recent audit.
cp 161 – you received this notice to mind you of the amount you owe in tax, penalty and interest.
income tax breaks – What tax breaks can I get if I owe?
owe back federal taxes – need help to get IRS records.
back taxes payment plan – An installment agreement with the IRS to pay taxes owed that are delinquent and not paid yet.
cp 51a – we computed the tax on your Form 1040, 1040a or 1040ez. You owe taxes.
stop a wage garnishment – in one day. Levy release department.
delinquent – Tax returns not filed for 3 years.
delinquent fbar – foreign banks offshore disclosure amnesty.
beat – To get the better of the IRS as in a no change audit, or to do a low dollar monthly payment plan.
federal irs leins – on house or social security or paycheck wages to remove.
cp 504 – the IRS will seize (levy) your state income tax refund and apply it to pay the amount you owe.
tax debt forgiveness – OIC, reduce.
cp 63 – we are holding your refund you have not filed one or more tax returns and we believe you will owe tax.
federal tax installment agreement – payment plan on taxes owed.
cp 22a – you owe money on your taxes due to change(s) you requested.
took wages – how to get my money?
cp 161 – request for payment or notice of unpaid balance, balance due.
call- To or from IRS collection department to settle taxes owed.
fix – my tax withholding problem.