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With over 37 years and thousands of successful tax cases, I can show you how to resolve your issue.  No matter your ability to pay for services, I have the right solution for you.



We offer unique solutions to IRS tax issues, based on our 37 years of experience and thousands of successful tax cases. We have options tailored to your budget and situation.  Join our satisfied customers! 




CPA firms are the most trusted financial professionals.  CPA firms have the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Licensed CPA's are not allowed to lie or mislead customers.  You can trust what you read on a CPA firm's website.

Your case and tax return is handled by licensed professionals with decades of experience in dealing with taxes and the IRS.  Never settle for less. 


We will give you our honest opinion of the correct resolution for you, now and for the future.  



We approach tax issues based on our many years of experience.  Most practitioners take their instructions from the IRS.  You don't want help from someone who lets the IRS tell them what to do.  You want someone who knows how to work the system. 



Solving tax issues require asking the right questions. After decades of tax experience, my professionals know the right way to analyze your situation.  

After many years and thousands of prepared tax returns, including audit representation, we know how to get and keep your deductions.  We know how to avoid audits.                    



No matter what your financial situation is, I may be the best help you can find in understanding the IRS, solving your issue, and avoiding future problems.

Joe Mastriano, CPA


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A+ BBB Rating

  • IRS Tax Liens…Lifted
  • Wage Levies…Halted
  • Cut Payroll Taxes In Half…Must Qualify
  • Strategies To Settle For Less…Unique Solutions
  • IRS Letters…Answered
  • Reduce Penalties…Pay Less
  • Settle Taxes Owed…No IRS Action
  • Avoid and Defend Audits…Pay Less With Valid Deductions
940 business tax lien-IRS lien on bank account for payroll taxes. Can’t pay IRS so the gave me an IRS wage levy. corporate tax relief – from IRS levy of bank account. cp 504 – the IRS will seize (levy) your state income tax refund and apply it to pay the amount you owe. cp 504B – the IRS will seize (levy) certain property or rights to property and apply it to pay the amount you owe. federal irs liens – remove tax liens on assets from government. Federal Levy Federal Tax Lien federal tax lien – How to remove IRS tax lien? Federal Tax Lien Help federal tax lien search – Where do I find if I have an IRS lien? file – How to file form to release levy? file an irs lien – find out if IRS filed a lien on me. Help by CPA with IRS levy wages. how to remove tax liens how to stop an irs levy – Ways to remove IRS levy. how to stop IRS levy I have an IRS wage levy. instant relief – from IRS wage levy, bank levy. intend to levy – contact us now to resolve liability. intend to lien help – Notice of intent to lien letter. intent to levy – notice from IRS. intent to levy notice – response letter. intent to lien notice – write a letter to IRS to ger lien off. IRS Bank Account Levy IRS Bank Levy IRS Bank Levy Attorneys irs bank lien irs final notice – of levy 30 days to appeal. IRS levy irs levy advisor – Legal advice to remove levy. irs levy attorney IRS levy bank account IRS levy help IRS Levy Notice IRS levy on wages IRS levy release IRS Levy Wages IRS lien IRS Lien Attorney irs lien help irs lien information – where do I find out if IRS filed a lien on me? IRS Lien notice irs lien release – How do I get an IRS lien released? IRS liens irs paycheck levie – Why did IRS levy my paycheck? irs property tax lien – Removal from courthouse. irs release of lien – quickest way to get tax lien off. irs seizure of bank accounts – IRS levy on bank assets irs seizure of property – remove property lien. IRS Tax Levy IRS tax levy garnishment irs tax levy table – chart to compute wage levy account. IRS tax lien IRS tax Liens IRS wage levy IRS Wage Levy- from lack of receipts for audit levy against bank account – Protection from tax levy. levy against wages – CPA to get my paycheck back. Levy Bank levy emergency – file emergency appeal. levy exemptions – dependency, spouse, grandparents, kids, children. levy IRS Levy Release levy release – so I can get my paycheck back. Levy Relief levy tax help levy tax pro levy wages LevyBank mother’s taxes – Can IRS levy my account for my parent’s taxes? no notice received by taxpayer – can IRS still levy? paycheck levy – removal service. paycheck lien paycheck garnished – attorney to fight IRS. payroll garnishment for tax lien – removal lien division unit. Payroll Tax Levy payroll tax levy – Who to call to get release? payroll tax lien – lien department removal. priority federal tax lien – in bankruptcy claim. received a notice of levy – at my home office. resident aliens living abroad – fbar, OUDI, voluntary disclosure. Respond to an IRS lien notice. Settle the IRS bank levy problem. stop a wage garnishment – in one day. Levy release department. Stop IRS Levy Stop IRS levy before pay day. Stop Wage Levy subordination of federal tax lien – to refinance bank loan, A/R loan. tax levy Tax Levy Help Tax Levy Release tax lien tax lien credit – for money paid. Reduce lien amount. tax lien filing – in what counties? Tax Lien Help tax lien IRS tax lien lawyer Tax Lien Lawyers tax lien removal – who at IRS do I call? tax lien statute of limitations – when does a tax lien expire? tax liens on property – where to send lien release? unlawful irs wage levy – IRS never mailed noticed. Wage Levy Wage Levy Attorneys Wage Levy Lawyers Wage Levy Release Who to hire for IRS tax levy. I want to win audit with IRS.
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