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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

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IRS Delinquent Tax Returns

Don’t go to income tax services as over 90% of people who prepare returns and are not really qualified.

Well Don’t File Them

Don’t follow IRS instructions.

Don’t take any free advice someone gave you.

Here is the Problem with doing that

While you are filing your returns your bank account or paycheck may be levied.

I’ve seen it happen many times over my 35 years of representing taxpayers.

Filing back taxes does not stop IRS collections, and may cause a costly audit

Don’t go to income tax services. Over 90% of people who prepare returns and give advice are not really qualified. National tax preparation companies and most local, do not have the experience needed to understand how they cause returns to be audited. People come to me to clean up poorly prepared returns.

Taxpayers Who Have Unfiled Tax Returns

It’s very important to file and pay your taxes a timely manner. If you don’t, you will have to deal with the various attempts the IRS makes to get you to file, to file for you and to collect the money due. You will also have to pay penalties and interest on any underpayments of tax. Not filing returns will put you in a non-filing status. After several requests, the Internal Revenue Service will attempt to summons information from you and any of your banks they have on record, so they can prepare a return for you. They may choose to bypass this step and directly file a return for you based on the information they already have.

How Many Years Back Must I File My Delinquent Returns?

Usually, you will have to file the previous six (6) years, plus the current year. Beyond that, you may be off the hook, depending on what years the IRS will request. We usually wait for any request before we prepare returns going back further then six (6) years, if our client wants to assume that risk. However, it is truly a great feeling to know that you have obtained back tax help, filed all missing years, and no longer have to worry about being asked to file any more years of delinquent tax returns. Often the amount of money you will owe helps in the decision to file those “extra” back years. We are available for IRS non-filed tax help.

IRS Actions When You Don’t File or Don’t Report Your Income

The IRS doesn’t care what your reason is for not filing or owing back taxes. They have improved their programs for matching 3rd party payer records with individuals and businesses who have not reported that particular income source. It’s better to resolve your unfiled returns before the IRS comes after you.
By taking action now, you will have more time to file. After we pull the records the IRS has on you, you won’t be defending why you didn’t include income on your return. Mostly, you will probably avoid getting audited.
When the IRS finds that the income is not reported on your return, or discovers a return is not filed, they will start sending out notices. The notices will either request that you file or charge you with additional taxes.
If you ignore the letters, or do not resolve the matter to the IRS’s satisfaction, they may turn your case over to a collection officer who may call or visit you. I’ve never had a taxpayer tell me that the visit was a pleasant experience!

It May Take Years To Discover Unfiled Returns

Sometimes it takes several years before the IRS notifies you that you did not file your return. This is not the situation you want. After several years pass, you may have lost vital records and have forgotten much about your financial situation. The interest and penalties for filing and paying late may be insurmountable!
Please take action now to resolve any delinquent returns issue you have. This will minimize any non-filer assistance from a CPA or attorney you will need to help solve you past due returns

Tax Liabilities may have already been assessed

So even when you file, and even when someone at the IRS tells you to file and gives you a date to get them in, you may still get a bank or wage levy. The odds are not in your favor of having a smooth experience, considering returns not prepared to avoid an audit, imminent collection action, and being in the dark about what the IRS can and will do to you.

Problems From Not Filing & Paying Taxes

The following situations require that you file your income tax returns, or at least use those reports as information for consideration of benefits to you.
– Applying for bank loans – Obtaining credit for charge cards
– Applying for student loans – Getting social security
– Obtaining a home loan – Getting Medicare benefits
– Getting unemployment benefits – Applying for certain jobs

Here is the solution

Hire a CPA firm that has many years of successful IRS audit experience. CPA firms are the highest level of fiduciaries and the most trusted of all professionals. Joe Mastriano, CPA has been successfully solving 1,000’s of IRS problems since 1980. His clients brag of their amazing results. He can show you how to get your tax returns processed, including all of your deductions, without added risk of an audit.

Here’s How Joe Mastriano, P.C. Handles Old Return Cases.

We get a power of attorney on file with the IRS’s CAF (Central Authorization File) Unit. I doing it this way, all employees of the IRS should contact us before they contact you.
We pull transcripts, from our computer, of the IRS record of account for several of the past years. This way we see what the IRS has on you.
We pull wage and income records to see what income was reported to them.
We decide when it’s appropriate to contact the IRS and ask for a deadline and their agreement not to take collection action prior to the deadline.
We prepare your returns, or allow you to prepare them, using the information we pull from the IRS records.
Once the returns are filed by the deadline, we will work out your best solution, whether a payment plan or an offer in compromise. Maybe you just need a few months to pay in full.
We will call the IRS automatic collections or customer service to obtain the status of each unfiled year. They will give us specific mailing instructions for each year.
If a revenue officer is assigned your case, they will collect the returns and forward them to the service for processing. You lose the benefit of filing them separately, but sometimes I can have you file separately, without giving them to the Revenue Officer.
To be represented before the IRS or to beat or appeal an income tax issue, your tax resolution pro must be an Enrolled Agent (EA), attorney or CPA. Enrolled Agents are specialists who are licensed by the United States government to represent taxpayers before the IRS.
If you experience any IRS problems, hire my firm of experienced fighters to help defend and settle your IRS troubles.

If you want the same amazing results, fill out the contact form or call us at 713-774-4467, and let us show you what we can do for you.

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