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Don’t go to income tax services. Over 90% of people who prepare returns and give advice

Well Don’t File Them

Don’t follow IRS instructions.

Don’t take any free advice someone gave you.

Here is the Problem with doing that

While you are filing your returns your bank account or paycheck may be levied.

I’ve seen it happen many times over my 35 years of representing taxpayers.

Filling back taxes does not stop IRS collections, and may cause a costly audit

Don’t go to income tax services. Over 90% of people who prepare returns and give adviceare not really qualified. National tax preparation companies and most local, do not have the experience needed to understand how they cause returns to be audited. People come to me to clean up poorly prepared returns.

Tax Liabilities may have already been assessed

So even when you file, and even when someone at the IRS tells you to file and gives you a date to get them in, you may still get a bank or wage levy. The odds are not in your favor of having a smooth experience, considering returns not prepared to avoid an audit, imminent collection action, and being in the dark about what the IRS can and will do to you.

Here is the solution

Hire a CPA firm that has many years of successful IRS audit experience. CPA firms are the highest level of fiduciaries and the most trusted of all professionals. Joe Mastriano, CPA has been successfully solving 1,000’s of IRS problems since 1980. His clients brag of their amazing results. He can show you how to get your tax returns processed, including all of your deductions, without added risk of an audit.

If you want the same amazing results, fill out the contact form or call us at 713-774-4467, and let us show you what we can do for you.

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These are common terms and our thoughts about them used us in our business.

irs amnesty program – tax relief freedom from paying.
irs agent – disallowed my dependent kids.
federal taxes owed – Attorney to resolve tax issues.
irs consultant vs employee – 1099 and w2 issues.
billings – In Montana, or a record a reputable company will show you of their time and charges. Beware flat fee arrangements.
free irs help – tax return help for free.
citizen’s tax relief- irs relief for being a U.S. citizen.
corporate income tax filing – late, past due or back years.
research tax credit – for 2013.
tax care professionals – prepare returns best experience.
tax evasion – vs tax avoidance.
I am scared of the irs – Will I go to jail for not filing taxes?
tax credit for adoption – of kids from England, Middle East, China, Russia, Europe.
investigation division – criminal department, fraud.
tax changes 2013 – new rules, laws, codes, regulations.
trust fund penalty – questionnaire, 4180 form responsibility.
old years tax returns – not filed, IRS filed, SFR substitute.
filing past due returns – How to file past due tax returns?
eliminate tax liens – How do I remove a tax lien? Eliminate federal tax lien.
garnished – wages garnished for nonpayment of taxes.
tax home credit – reduction for first home, where you work.
back pay – Money owed to you as payment from a prior period.
criminal investigation division – IRS CID fraud prosecution.
back taxes – More than one tax owed for past periods.
joint tax return – filed and now want to file separately.
judgment wage garnishment – Can IRS reduce my taxes to a judgment?
child tax credit- credit for child care (not school) when working.
income tax breaks – What tax breaks can I get if I owe?
trust taxes – irrevocable, fiduciary.
tax writeoffs but no receipts – how do I prove my case?
collection statute expiration date-after 10 years (if no extension actions) from assessment date taxes waved.
opportunity tax credit – audit
b notices – Irs notice on backup withholding or 504B “bomb” collection notice of actual 10 day levy.
back taxes payment plan – An installment agreement with the IRS to pay taxes owed that are delinquent and not paid yet.
filing of a tax return is voluntary – Do I have to file a tax return?
husband’s name – Am I liable for taxes under my husband’s name?
contributions to IRA- Deductable contributions for retirement plans.
past due payroll tax – in installments.
refundable child tax credit – support to prove dependents.
work opportunity tax credit – How do I get?
individual tax relief – IRS relief programs for individuals.
tax unfilers – Will I go to prison?
help paying late taxes – Can I make payments on late tax owed?
past tax deadline – missed
irs back tax – didn’t file returns for over 5 years.
avoid a tax audit – What you will do if you file accurate returns using a licensed CPA firm and file right before the extension date?
overdue corporate tax – Can I make installment payments?
authorization i.r.c. 7401 – Ways to avoid paying and filing your taxes
electric vehicle credit – How do I apply for electric vehicle tax credit?
past due tax returns texas – How to file, help filing.
help with past taxes – tax attorney specializing in past due late taxes.
taxable income – how calculated is prove.
how to reduce irs debt – Debt reduction professional
lifetime learning credit – Where to report?
divorce tax – Do I pay my ex’s taxes in a divorce?
deductions – tax deductions for dependents audited corrections.
sister’s taxes – can my account get levied for my sister’s taxes?
transportation expenses for medical care – where to deduct?
deal – Deal with IRS to lower taxes and penalties.
delinquent fbar – foreign banks offshore disclosure amnesty.
faqs on taxes – Questions on my tax returns.
federal tax installment agreement – payment plan on taxes owed.
money owed to irs – negotiate solutions and resolutions.
tax changes 2011 – corporate 1120.
cid- Criminal investigations division for willful non filing of taxes.
tax forms – to file for 2013 1040.
age 65 or over – This gets you more exemption credit and other tax benefits.
back tax – Income or other tax from delinquent , old, prior years or periods.
trust fund – trouble paying.
I haven’t filed my tax return in 5 years – Didn’t file taxes in four years.
bank statements – Will have to use to get an agreement for collections, offer, etc.
havent filed taxes in 4 years – didn’t file past due returns.
cost of goods sold – audit methods of calculating inventory sold.
gift tax exemption – How much is the gift tax exemption?
tax dependents – exemptions, live out of country Mexico, South America.
filing past deadline – What happens if I file past the deadline?
old back tax – delinquent unpaid outstanding not paid.
failure to file tax return – I did not file my tax returns for 2 years.
underreported income – not claimed.
deductable medical insurance – Is medical insurance deductible on form 433a?
from – How do I remove penalties from IRS?
failure to pay penalty – Remove penalty for not paying taxes.
child and dependent care credit- must qualify with job and prove payments for child care deduction credit.
casualty losses- deduct for property loss from catastrophe.
irs automated collection system – fight IRS tax collectors.
notification – of deductions not allowed.
tax breaks education – deductions, credits, full time student.
past due employment tax – 941, 940, 944, 945.
brother’s taxes- You ask “do I have to pay my brother’s taxes?”
tax breaks family tax breaks hospital – medical savings deductions limitations Sch A.
home credit – How to claim home credits?
prior year tax return preparation – by #1 best tax preparer.
delinquent – Tax returns not filed for 3 years.
tax credit for college tuition – paid, reimbursed, stipend, grad school.
tax delinquents – not filed, not paid, discount of total owed.
large donation red flag – defend audit of contributions.
fix overdue tax problems – correct overdue payments made to IRS.
wife’s name – missing or SS # not on return.
back business tax returns – Company tax returns from prior years that are due or overdue.
consulting- used for tax relief issues on back tax returns.
family trusts – Audit of family trust and family trust tax returns.
income tax returns – for income earned in a foreign country.
orphan drug tax credit – audit disallowed.
oic settlement – of past due taxes.
basis of assets – The tax rules on assets to determine gains or losses etc.
trade and business deduction – to qualify.
subordination of federal tax lien – to refinance bank loan, A/R loan.
back taxes owed – Past due tax from prior years, or prior quarters, owed to the IRS.
tax bailout – of all years on record of account.
settle payroll taxes owed – tax CPA accountant to resolve IRS.
frivolous tax arguments – for CID criminal fraud penalties must document.
filing back taxes – How to file back tax returns?
bank – What will be levied with a bank levy if you do not make arrangements for paying overdue taxes?
get IRS help – need to get IRS help with tax problem.
tax credit for the disabled – extra itemized deduction.
breaks- Tax breaks are favors by the IRS in deductions or money paid.
trust fund attorney – for code 6672, civil penalty.
compromise income- offer in compromise based on income tax owed and settlement for less.
college- loans can be deductable expense or credit.
handle – paying off my taxes.
blue – A color of companies names like “green” or “red” or “blue” tax firms to represent delinquent tax people.
registered tax preparer – licensed ptin number state and federal 2013.
irs collection strategies – what are options when you owe IRS taxes?
home office deduction – What qualifies as deductions for home office?
bank levy release – The way to remove the IRS freeze of your account, usually with an agreement.
resolution places – to help with taxes problem.
bank lien – The general property county lien that covers all property or mistakenly called the levy.
reserve income – to include on tax return.
old partnership taxes – K-1 distribution where to put on.
how to pay back taxes- How do I set up payout agreement for taxes owed?
automated collection system – The IRS collection division section that is automated, rotating calls throughout the country.
contributions 401(k) plan- deduction for or premature withdrawal penalty waver reasons like medical or first house.
tax credit for energy savings – deductions and credits.
late 1040 tax – delinquent, past due, old, overdue.
taxes living abroad – , expat, foreign Russia, Great Brittan, Japan.
late tax – filing penalties, interest, paying late.
back owed taxes – Prior year, old, overdue, delinquent taxes from back periods.
overdue irs – payroll deposits.
below the line – Items on the return past the standard or itemized deduction line.
old corporate tax – how to reduce or eliminate from a Corporation?
previous years return preparation – in my city.
strategys – for solving IRS problems.
collection- Action taken by IRS for not paying your taxes.
federal income tax – various laws to refute income tax changes.
largest tax – first or to the oldest.
bank account lien – The legal freeze of funds on my account when I don’t pay my taxes.
tax assessment is invalid – protect charging me taxes and penalties.
over 65 years old – tax breaks AARP credits.
729(do) letter – Addresses the delinquent returns. Do not file without checking the collection status.
irs debt – must repay over how many years?
bank seizure – The taking and freezing of funds on the day the bank gets the IRS levy notice.
tax breaks alimony – paid under court order.
review tax returns – amend for errors tax preparer made.
invalid tax returns – disallowed deductions.
delinquent business returns – need to send to IRS, late payment penalties for not filing.
federal tax bankruptcy – bankrupt my taxes over 3 years.
unreported income penalties – fraud, late paying, negligence.
Tax blog – tax professor blog, tax lady internet
independent consultant irs – Accountant to consult on accounting.
beat – To get the better of the IRS as in a no change audit, or to do a low dollar monthly payment plan.
can you make payments on taxes owed? Pay delinquent taxes in an installment plan, in a payment agreement, OIC, etc.
collection statute- laws on taking actions like of limitations for taking your money after 10 years of date of assessment.
settle back employee taxes – 941 withholding rules tables v.s. contract labor.
scared of the irs – help me, I am scared of the IRS.
tax director – of affairs public defender.
bank levy by IRS collections – The government dept. that freezes your account.
unreported income 1099 – matching program.
trust tax return – form 1040, estates,
tax investigation – criminal or fraud TIGTA, abuse
work clothes expenses – what qualifies?
out of the country – credits, filing extension.
income tax owed – What options are there if I owe taxes and can’t pay?
reparations for slavery – tax credit denied.
tax credit for energy efficient – fuel on auto, house, boat, retirement home.
filing previous years tax returns – I didnt file my previous years tax returns.
end of year tax planning – Final estimated tax payment due January 15th.
income tax problems – Best way to solve my IRS problems.
kiddie tax form 8615 – How to calculate kiddie tax?
irs arrangements – to pay my taxes.
associated – A title found in tax business names.
past due delinquent taxes – accountant near me.
tax system is voluntary – do I have to pay taxes?
tax changes 2012 – partnership 1065.
tax credit for children – Grand kids, sister’s kids, in laws, cousins.
bank levy – The hold on my bank from not paying my taxes.
bank account levy – The freeze the IRS puts on your account for not resolving your tax issues.
do an offer – Can I settle my taxes for less in an offer?
criminal investigations – Division for fraud charges.
tax troubles – IRS is killing me.
auto proof – Poof of expenses and business purpose for taking a tax deduction for using your car or truck.
substitute for return is invalid – replace statue of filing claim for refund.
secrets – of the IRS.
bank account freeze – The 21 one hold on your bank account from an IRS levy for back taxes.
stock traders – guide to expenses write off.
gift tax expenses – deductions gifting to family.
over due business tax – How much time do I have to pay?
tax charitable contributions – 30% deduction, 30% deduction itemized.
tax credit for the elderly – exemption over 65.
un filed taxes – , delinquent, not filed, old.
cpa services – for accounting, audit, IRS appeals, OIC.
father’s taxes – Can IRS levy on my father’s taxes?
bilingual – Firm that speaks usually Spanish and English or other languages.
free tax relief – I need tax relief no charge.
trust fund tax problem – signature authority, directed who got paid.
tax changes 2010 – personal 1040.
can’t pay the IRS- What if I can’t pay the IRS? Do payment arrangements.
is auditing – How many of my taxes can they audit?
unfiled tax returns – prior years stale.
back taxes installment agreements – payment plans (usually monthly) made on prior period taxes owed.
freedom from taxes – Help me get freedom from paying taxes.
civil penalties- trust fund, code section 6672, withholding and fica taken out of paychecks unpaid, certain penalties for not filing timely.
back taxes due – Tax from more than one prior period that is owed now.
havent filed my taxes in 3 years – didn’t file prior years taxes.
federal tax resolution – need to resolve my tax problems owed.
undeposted income – cash not in bank account.