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IRS Audit Letter As A Correspondence Audit-Your Audit Notification Letter

This is the most common type of audit. It is easier and less costly for the IRS than a face to face audit.

The IRS has instilled such fear in the American taxpayer, that most of us are willing to send them a few hundred dollars rather then put up a fight. That is, of course, if you have the money. Why subject yourself to a more extensive audit?

Usually just sending in the documentation asked for will do the trick. We recommend that you understand what documentation is required to substantiate your deductions before sending anything in to the IRS. If your exposure for additional taxes is large enough we can advise you or prepare the response for you.

Upon Receiving An IRS Audit Letter

Don’t assume the person who prepared the return is the best person to respond to the letter. The preparer may have caused the letter to be issued in the first place.

The best professional to help you respond to an audit letter is a CPA who does this often. We have a strong expertise in audit matters.

When Is An Audit Letter Issued? How to Respond.

After going through the matching process with their automated data processing (ADP) system, the IRS will isolate discrepancies on returns.

An IRS audit letter is sent to the taxpayer detailing the mistakes and the related liabilities they created. If the letter doesn’t outline a refund for you, it will request you send money.

You have options if you disagree. Sometimes the IRS makes mistakes, so read the options carefully. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you were contacted by a letter. This is a form of an IRS exam, and I have seen them deny deductions after sending in valid documentation!

This is not for the meek. It takes more than just reading and following IRS instructions to make your deductions stick. Sometimes the instructions mislead taxpayers away from their right to support the deductions.

The wording in IRS documents has changed over the years. We’ve learned not to blindly follow IRS instructions. Have you?

Never take on the IRS yourself

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Control of IRS Collections.

We can show you how to make sure the IRS can’t levy your paycheck, your spouse’s paycheck, your bank account or your accounts receivable. Over 90% of the people, we talk to who are making payments to the IRS are still in jeopardy of collection action.  Most people incorrectly believe that since they receive a letter from the IRS reporting a monthly payment that they are safe.

Our Returns Do Not Get Audited!

No one can predict the future, but we expect this to continue. I’m talking about the returns prepared within the scope of our 4 step procedure for audit protection. To this day, we know of no one who had this procedure, has had their personal tax returns audited.

IRS Threatening Letters.

We know which letters matter and which ones don’t. Don’t fall prey to having them dictate the rules and how you should act. We know the correct rules and procedures the IRS does not tell you on how to respond to these IRS letters.

It is a BAD Idea taking on the IRS on Your Own

Your first instinct may be just to respond to the IRS letter yourself and be done with it. THAT IS A BAD IDEA! The IRS knows you don’t have the knowledge and experience in complicated tax codes and will use that against you. You NEED someone who has PROVEN knowledge that can get you a best case scenario againt the IRS.

Hiring the Right Tax Representation Firm.

It’s critically important that people select the right person when choosing to hire a tax representative. ONLY a Licensed Professional can go in front of the IRS to represent you.

Our ” Killer IRS Solutions”

Over 30 years experience has given me some creative yet safe, legal and ethical solutions to IRS tax problems.  This creativity in a field of paper pushers gave me the reputation for “killer IRS solutions.” I want to put those solutions to work for you.

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