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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

– Joe Mastriano, CPA

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I’m Joe Mastriano, CPA, and after 30 years and thousands of successful tax cases, I have something alarming to tell you. Over 90% of our income tax returns are in jeopardy of being audited by the IRS. When you are audited, the IRS routinely turns down your receipts, charging you with additional taxes.
Most often they will review the year before and the year after. If self-employed, they will often make you and your spouse prove all of your bank deposits. Any deposits you can’t prove parent’s income will be charged to you as income.

It gets worse. They will charge a huge amount of penalties and interest.
I can help you avoid an audit and getting into trouble with the IRS, even if you haven’t filed in many years and don’t have all of your receipts. You must avoid an audit at all costs.
My CPA firm has specific rules that when followed, no one has ever been audited. That’s right, not even one person I know of!

Back Taxes

Some people go to jail for not filing past due returns.  Others rush the preparation and don’t match the returns to the information the IRS has on them.  Not only do they often overpay what is really owed, but they often get audited.  Now they have a bigger problem and it’s costly.  Your bank account and paycheck may be levied during the time you are dealing with preparing or filing the return.  You may even suffer collection action while the IRS is examining your returns.  You can avoid these problems!

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Back Taxes Explained And Resolved By Joe Mastriano, CPA.

Back taxes are commonly referred to as tax debt. They are actually an unpaid amount of back taxes assessed against a person (taxpayer) by the Government. The IRS tax debt refers to the federal income taxes that are outstanding. These back taxes are assessed when a taxpayer does not file their tax return, or when they do not make payment for the back taxes that are due. Generally, back taxes can be referred to as the taxes that taxpayers owe to the Government from previous years. Most of the time, the balance due will include penalties and interest if it was not paid when they were due.

If you have back taxes, then I would advise you to make sure that you resolve these back taxes issues as soon as possible. Do not delay, because you are likely to suffer liens and levies on your assets, as well as other consequences. Hire an experienced certified accountant for your back taxes defense advisor.

Reasons Why Back Taxes Accumulate

  • The taxpayer may not have known about back taxes owed to the IRS.
  • The tax payer may have received wrong information.
  • There are some people who try to evade taxes.
  • There are also some people who do not file tax returns.
  • Trouble with prior tax consultants.

How Can You Resolve Back Taxes?

The easiest and quickest way to resolve back taxes is to file and pay your taxes when they are due.  If you file and/or pay late, you need to pay the tax amount due along with the penalties and interest charged. You can also apply to have penalties removed.  See the free advice tab on this site for more information or contact us now.

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You may seek a levy release of your joint bank statements.

When Can I Request A Payment Plan From The IRS?

You can generally request for a payment plan from the IRS if you cannot pay the back taxes in full.  Before you request a payment plan, you should first calculate how much money you will be able to pay to the IRS every month. Please see the free advice tab on this site for details on what you must do before notifying the IRS to make arrangements for a settlement.

You don’t have to hide from the IRS.  Contact our negotiation professional today to see what options we have to help you start resolving your tax problem.

With over 30 years of experience, knowledge and solutions, we can handle anything the IRS has thrown your way.  Call us NOW at (713) 774-4467 to solve any IRS dispute or contact us now.

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Dealing With IRS Back Taxes

Do you want to settle your back tax debt with the IRS?  The IRS is moving full force to collect millions of dollars in unpaid back taxes. If you haven’t filed or paid, they will eventually catch up to you. You will overpay your tax debt if you rely on the IRS for advice.

Most taxpayers prefer the assistance of an experienced, knowledgeable CPA as a representative.  Others consider enrolled agents, financial analysts or lawyers to fix their IRS problems.  Our CPA firm has the strategies and paycheck protection secrets that will make us your fighter-of-choice.

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Various Reasons for Unpaid Past Due Back Taxes

  • Family health problems
  • Relationship issues such as divorce or separation.
  • Loss of job or income.
  • Failure to understand filing and paying of tax rules.
  • Not understanding how interest and penalties will add up when back taxes are late or unpaid
  • Fear of filing since you know you know owe a lot of money or haven’t filed in years.  This is more common than you think.
  • Fear of telling the IRS where you bank, work or where your assets are.
  • You hope the IRS will never find you or learn of your delinquency.
  • You were waiting for a notice of intent to levy.

Fear no more.  After 1,000′s of IRS cases, we know how to stop them from seizing any of your assets while we resolve the situation.  We can negotiate a better tax settlement more to your advantage than you can on your own.  We negotiate better tax settlements than those by the inexperienced trainees of large nationally recognized, non-professionally licensed firms better known for their TV ads than competence.

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IRS Back Tax Facts & Beliefs

    • People feel that since they haven’t from the IRS in years, everything is O.K.  In fact,  the 10 year statute of limitations on collections only starts when a return is filed.  We have clients still paying as far back as the early 1990′s.  Filing a bankruptcy or offer in compromise or leaving the country can each extend the 10 year period.  The period doesn’t even start until the IRS assesses the tax!  So the time period may not be up yet!  The good news is that we can get a record of account showing the history of each year, WITHOUT alerting the collection division.
    • All letters from the IRS need to be resolved immediately.
    • Contact from the Criminal Investigation Division requires response from a CPA or an attorney. An attorney is only needed when you know the IRS is gathering criminal evidence against you. Early in 2011, I convinced IRS criminal investigators to drop their case on two separate taxpayers after one hour phone call with them.  Before you let law firms scare you into giving them a huge retainer, contact us first!  We want to be your legal representative.

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After Filing Back Taxes for You And Your Companies

You can seek the following solutions….

  • An offer in compromise (OIC)
  • A trust fund reduction.
  • Release of wages garnished by IRS collections.
  • Release of a bank seizure.
  • An installment agreement.
  • Reduction of your tax assessment due.

Without Filing All Of Your Delinquent Returns, You Can Still Handle Legal Issues With The Service Concerning….

  • Audit reconsideration survival.
  • Solutions for tax years audited, including an appeal.
  • Non-filer auditing issues concerning receipts and substitute for return.
  • Audit-trigger discussions, timing and tips concerning audits and their rules.
  • Injured spouse settlements, audit proofing and other ways to defend and beat the IRS.
  • Expatriate overseas issues.

Owing Back Taxes can be difficult to handle.

  • If you are considering hiring us, call Joe Mastriano, CPA 713-774-4467.
  • Think your IRS matter is handled? Think again!
  • For your analysis, click here to contact us.

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