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“Solving IRS problems has been my life’s work.  After 30 years and 1,000’s of successful tax cases I can safely say, “I know the IRS Business like the back of my hand”. How would you like to never worry about the IRS again?  Let my past knowledge and experience work for you”

– Joe Mastriano, CPA

Joe is a member of the Sugar Land Rotary, whose mission includes promoting integrity, fellowship, and good will.

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Is the IRS harassing you? Are you looking to stop the IRS?
…from sending threatening letters?
…from levying your paycheck or bank account?
…from charging you $ you don’t owe – plus outrageous interest and penalties

Problem with Stopping the IRS

The problem is that many people get fooled by non CPA firms who make wild promises of tax reduction and big refunds. A few may have an A+ BBB rating and brag that they have CPA’s, attorneys, and ex IRS agents, but the company is not a professionally licensed company by the state they reside in. What this means is that you will have very little recourse when something goes wrong. Not to mention the lack of professional handling of your case. The high BBB rating is for good customer service, not for how good the company can do the job.
We get a lot of customers who are unhappy with the results they get after hiring a non CPA firm, or a CPA firm without a lot of IRS representation experience.
I’m Joe Mastriano, CPA and after 35 yrs and thousands of tax cases, I know how to effectively stop the IRS. I can show you how to stay on top of your IRS situation so you never have to fear them again. Solving your IRS problems has been my life’s work. I’ve developed solutions many other representatives haven’t even considered. You would have to be crazy to settle for less.

The Solution for Stopping the IRS

So when looking to stop the IRS you should hire a CPA firm that has IRS representation experience. CPAs are the highest level fiduciaries, the most trusted and most regulated of all professionals. That is your best protection. Just ask people you know. Ask them about the reputation of a CPA firm and how they are best suited for you from a standpoint of trust and responsibility. Of course they must have a lot of audit and collection experience to understand how to help you win in your particular IRS situation.

Stopping the IRS Credentials

We are a licensed professional CPA firm with the Federal tax knowledge and experience necessary to help you obtain effective IRS solutions.
Let’s look at credentials you can trust
High BBB rating
Successful IRS problem solving since 1980
1,000’s of successful Tax cases
I can show you solutions so you never have to fear the IRS again.
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