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Tax Resolution Services And Solutions – Killer IRS CPA Joe Mastriano

Tax resolution services and solutions are services that help resolve tax matters, sometimes referred to as Tax Debt Relief or Tax Debt Resolution. This usually involves dealing with the IRS. The various types of matters can be broken down in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

Mistakes or Disagreements with IRS Letters

The IRS sends you a letter either charging you with incorrect taxes or a penalty for not filing a return. You disagree and need to fix the situation. We are excellent at solving unresolved IRS matters. Please visit our ‘FREE ADVICE’ tab above so you can handle your own tax resolution services.

You owe more tax than you can afford to pay

You may qualify for an offer in compromise, bankruptcy, corporate liquidation, or other type of solution. You may also qualify for a low dollar monthly payment plan. You may also be considered currently not collectible–or CNC status.

You may be under examination by the IRS Audit Division

The auditor will not allow you the deductions on your returns. Maybe you don’t have the required documentation. Are you being charged with additional income? Maybe the CI (Criminal Investigation) branch is looking at your file. We are a CPA firm that offers tax resolution services for simple AND complicated matters.

You didn’t file Back Taxes

The IRS will either summons the information from you or prepare a substitute for return (SFR) based on third party payer W2′s, 1099′s, K-1′s etc. filed. Then, after the assessments of delinquent taxes are made, the case will be sent to collections. Collections will then attempt to collect taxes by demanding it or filing levies on your wages, bank account, social security, etc. There are many ways the IRS can collect taxes from you, but there are also many taxpayer rights that you have. After 30 years and thousands of clients using our tax resolution services, we can provide the solutions you need. We can prepare your federal and state taxes. We can represent you before the IRS. We can interpret IRS letters. We can help you!
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