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Solutions To IRS Problems And Concerns

Solutions to IRS problems…First some questions though

  1. Do you disagree with the taxes the IRS is charging you? Do you disagree with how quickly they want you to pay? Read Appeals
  2. Do you want to know how a bankruptcy can offset your tax liability? Read Bankruptcy
  3. Are you looking for a tax advisor and want to know the qualifications to look for? Read Best Way To Select A Tax Adviser
  4. Do you have returns that are not filed for yourself personally or your business? This includes form numbers such as 1040, 1120, 1065, 941, 940. etc. For these IRS solutions Read Delinquent Returns
  5. Are you being charged taxes or income attributable to your spouse? They haven’t paid, and you want protection? Read Innocent Spouse
  6. Are you about to be audited, or currently going through an IRS audit? Read IRS Audit
  7. Do you want information on tax liabilities relating to different IRS forms? Read IRS Forms
  8. Do you want information on handling various collection letters and notices? Read Letters And Notices
  9. Are you concerned about the IRS filing a lien or levy on you or your company? Read Liens And Levies
  10. Are you interested in settling your debt with the IRS by paying less than the total amount owed? (Because of your lack of ability to pay, not because you think you have a good reason to get the penalties removed.) Read Offer In Compromise
  11. Do you have a corporation or LLC that owes payroll taxes? Read Payroll Tax
  12. Are you concerned about the penalties and interest charged to you ? Read Penalties And Interest
  13. Are you scared of dealing with the IRS? Read Scared Of IRS