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Our firm Joe Mastriano P.C. has many years of experience representing taxpayers before the IRS. Together we have successfully helped our clients achieve success when competitors have failed. We are happy to sometimes do the impossible. Luckily the rates for sometimes doing the impossible are only $195 per hour. See consultation rates below.

Our Fees – Retainers and Our Hourly Rates.

Retainers are normally $2,000 or more depending on the job. Cases leaning toward an installment agreement often tend to run between $3,000-$4,000. Offers tend to run between $4,000-$6,000. Audit representation tends to run $2,000 and up. After reviewing the details of your situation a more accurate estimate will be given. At all times rates will be $195 per hour for all work done. These rates are for all time spent, including letters, phone calls, emails, etc. We document all time daily. We often offer free advice or consultation (found on the website, or discussed with our sales staff). We do not train junior accountants. We do offer you our vast knowledge and experiences which will help you decide the best way to handle your IRS situation.
Beware the “one price for all work” special that some people charge. It removes the desire for “doing what it takes to get the job done”. If someone will not be paid more, why would they make the extra effort when things get tough? Most people overpay for work when charged a fixed fee. We get a lot of “fallout” from other representation companies.

Candidates for our service will have had our rates explained, and the approximate cost of services. Mostly we will discuss what we can and cannot do for you. This is a sales meeting, if you set it up that way. If at the end of this meeting, you elect not to hire us, we will not bill you for the time.

If you elect to hire us, all time will be billable. Upon payment of the retainer, we will open a new client file and begin working on your case. All payments are non refundable, but may be refundable upon our discretion. Usually if it would be unfair to keep substantial money in relation to the amount of work done, we may refund some of the remaining portion. We maintain a responsible professional reputation.

What if I can’t afford professional fees?

We also offer a $300 prepaid consultation, where Joe Mastriano, CPA or other professional employee will focus on answering your questions and explaining in detail how to resolve your IRS problem. This will be less sales like, and more exact in detail.

This will give you the specific answers advising you how to best resolve your situation. This is a single phone call or meeting of up to 1 hour. The fee is non refundable. You should get more than your money’s worth.

Those of you who just want free information, please examine our site. It contains a lot of valuable free information. When you are ready to “do it yourself” with consultation, or hire an experienced professional, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

If you are considering hiring us, call Joe Mastriano, CPA 713-774-4467.
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