Form SS-8

Form SS-8-Payroll Tax Employer vs Employee

Form SS-8 Employer  vs  Employee Status

I have known tax preparers who tell their self-employed clients to file a claim against the 1099 issuer.  They attempt to have the issuer pay their income tax, saying they really were employees.

I have had excellent experience mounting  a strong defense for an employer, as well as an offense for an employee who was innocent in the matter.

This is not an easy battle for the employer.  What may seem obvious to you may cause you to lose because you didn’t understand the the issues of contract vs. employee ahead of the time. We really can help you win.

Were you treated as an independent contractor and now owe taxes on your personal return?  Would you like your employer to pay?  You can contact the IRS and explain why you should have been treated as an employee.  If you win you will not have to pay.  Contact Form

Form SS-8 Employee For All Years Worked!

If it is determined that your employer should have taken out taxes, then the adjustment may be retroactive to the first day you worked for that company.

Letter 3897 Employer Assistance To The Form SS-8 Group

If you are an employer, or you hired someone as a contract laborer you need to put up a strong defense.  We can assist you in responding to an IRS letter 3897.

If you are thinking of classifying or reclassifying a worker as contract labor then we can help with that too. The IRS has several questions to answer on the Form SS-8.  You might as well have the correct answers ahead of time.

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