Owing the IRS Payroll Taxes

I developed a way to cut your delinquent corporate payroll taxes approximately in half!  I may be able to to change your status to qualify.  No offer in compromise, no bankruptcy and the IRS has to accept it.  It’s wonderful to be in the know and have the IRS do what I expect them to do.  You can have the same benefits as my other clients.

Do you owe the IRS payroll taxes you can’t pay? Do you Want to know your options?

Many people, including their representatives don’t understand how the IRS connects payroll liabilities on companies to your personal accounts. People are levied when they think they are in an installment agreement. People don’t understand the methods they can lower their liability that is not explained in the IRS representation guidelines. Many people, even when they have someone represent them, are unaware of what 941 quarters have been assessed, how much the liability is, and when and if there will be new assessments. This is all very critical to being protected from collection action.

The problem is that the IRS treats taxpayers with payroll liabilities more harshly.

Most representatives don’t understand how taxes under your social security number are connected to your federal ID number, and how being a day late or a dollar short on either one can break your installment agreement. You will also be given less time to pay them back. Knowing how harsh the IRS can be on this, years ago, I developed a restructuring method that cuts your payroll liability approximately in half! No bankruptcy or offer in compromise is needed. If you qualify, it works 100% of the time. All legal and above board, and we don’t have to ask the IRS for permission.

Joe has… The most IRS Knowledge… The most IRS Experience

of anyone he knows. Our clients speak of their Amazing Results.

It’s his life’s work since 1980 – 35 yrs and 1000’s of Successful IRS Tax Cases

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I’ve seen people overpay payroll taxes for many years.It’s often important to understand trust fund vs. non trust fund and the statute of limitation on assessment as well as collections. Inexperienced representatives cause their clients to overpay because they don’t know enough to plan the solution based on the tax laws involved. That’s where I come in. I have not only designed the unique solution listed above, but my staff knows the laws involved that will help you lower your overall payroll tax liability. We frequently propose methods to our clients that significantly reduce payroll liabilities. We help you

close loopholes the IRS uses to take collection action.

Don’t be a victim because you lack the right knowledge, when you have delinquent payroll tax issues.
Put my many years of uniquely solving payroll tax problems to work for you. I have saved many clients hundreds of thousands by various restructuring. I’m sure you want these solutions available to you too. Please fill out the contact form now, and let’s get started.