Don’t go to income tax services. Over 90% of people who prepare returns and give advice

Well Don’t File Them

Don’t follow IRS instructions.

Don’t take any free advice someone gave you.

Here is the Problem with doing that

While you are filing your returns your bank account or paycheck may be levied.

I’ve seen it happen many times over my 35 years of representing taxpayers.

Filling back taxes does not stop IRS collections, and may cause a costly audit

Don’t go to income tax services. Over 90% of people who prepare returns and give adviceare not really qualified. National tax preparation companies and most local, do not have the experience needed to understand how they cause returns to be audited. People come to me to clean up poorly prepared returns.

Joe has… The most IRS Knowledge… The most IRS Experience

of anyone he knows. Our clients speak of their Amazing Results.

It’s his life’s work since 1980 – 35 yrs and 1000’s of Successful IRS Tax Cases

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Tax Liabilities may have already been assessed

So even when you file, and even when someone at the IRS tells you to file and gives you a date to get them in, you may still get a bank or wage levy. The odds are not in your favor of having a smooth experience, considering returns not prepared to avoid an audit, imminent collection action, and being in the dark about what the IRS can and will do to you.

Here is the solution

Hire a CPA firm that has many years of successful IRS audit experience. CPA firms are the highest level of fiduciaries and the most trusted of all professionals. Joe Mastriano, CPA has been successfully solving 1,000’s of IRS problems since 1980. His clients brag of their amazing results. He can show you how to get your tax returns processed, including all of your deductions, without added risk of an audit.