Did you get an Audit or adjustment letter from the IRS?


Do not contact them. Don’t make attempts to change what they say. Don’t call to schedule a meeting
looking to see what the auditor has to say before deciding to hire someone. It’s a major mistake.


The IRS auditor may take advantage of you by…

Tricking you into saying something incriminating. Misquoting what the law states. Arbitrary denying your receipts. I see it all the time. People call me and tell me that even when they go to the IRS with their CPA
The IRS still denies their receipts and puts information in their files that can later hurt the taxpayer!

The problem is… that what you do from the start can severely hurt your case.

As a CPA fighting for my clients in audits for over 35 years… I’ve watched it happen more times than you realize.
I’ve seen audits backfire for CPA’s, attorneys, and educated taxpayers who didn’t understand how the IRS looks at accepting your evidence. Do you want successful results when dealing with a tough government organization like the IRS?

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It’s his life’s work since 1980 – 35 yrs and 1000’s of Successful IRS Tax Cases

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Do you think they care how much they charge you with or whether or not you have the money to pay it? You will not get any sympathy. What you will get is evidence gathering and additional interest and penalties that could double your liability!
Setting up an audit, preparing for the audit, settling the additional penalties, and any audit reconsideration all require a great deal of knowledge and experience. Not reading information in an audit guide. “Because it’s not enough to just bring your receipts and canceled checks.”

What every taxpayer must do when contacted by the IRS about their tax return

You must prevent aggressive auditor abuse. Hire a CPA firm with many years of successful audit experience. CPA’s are the highest level of fiduciaries; the most trusted of all professionals. I’ve helped thousands of people take control of their tax audit situation. Don’t be a victim of inexperienced advice from your regular preparer, debt relief firms, or internet blogs you read. Most advisors have no idea what it takes to correct tax adjustments, and prevent the IRS from auditing other years and charging you way more than you even anticipated. My clients brag about their amazing results, and you can too. Just fill out the contact form or call us.