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I received an IRS letter requesting payment

You can expect a levy on

your bank accounts and wages.

No matter what the IRS told you.

No matter what you read on the internet.

Over 90% of the time.



Each year’s returns must be accounted for separately.

The stop codes must be put on all open years.

We need to dig deeper.

I will help you resolve this.

We are happy to explain.

No Obligation Policy- No salespeople hounding you every 5 minutes for your credit card number.
No salespeople lying to you about what can be done in your situation just to get your credit card number.
We don’t give anyone your information!

After 37 years and thousands of tax cases, we have the answers!

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We Can Help

    • IRS Tax Liens…Lifted
    • Wages Levied…Halted
    • Cut Payroll Taxes In Hal…Must Qualify
    Strategies To Settle For Less…Unique Solutions
    • IRS Letter…Answered
    • Reduce Penalties…Pay Less
    • Settle Taxes Owed…No IRS Action
    Avoid and Defend Audits…Pay Less With Valid Deductions

Why Choose Us

We are a licensed professional CPA firm

37 years and thousands of cases.

Our clients tell us we have the most knowledge and expertise they have ever encountered.

A+ BBB Rating

Our Staff



Three professionals, each with over 30 years’ experience in accounting, tax and IRS matters.  We clean up the mess caused by debt relief companies.  We don’t train junior staff.



Rotary International Member


Joe and his group are known in the community for promoting integrity, fellowship, and goodwill.Since 1980, our firm has maintained a high trust rating with the IRS and the professional Community in Texas.



No Sales People!

We know that sales people from IRS Debt Relief Companies get up to 30% of your money as commission.  At our firm, 100% of your money goes toward the three of us using our knowledge and experience.  Because of this our fees tend to be less than those companies.

Unique Solutions

Over the years, Joe has developed unique strategies to best lower taxes and protect your assets.

We can really stop audits.

We can really stop collection action.

We can really cut payroll liabilities in half.

We Also Represent…



Tax Preparation Companies

No matter their general tax knowledge, they seek out our knowledge of how to be successful when dealing with the IRS.  These people know that a professionally licensed CPA or law firm with extensive knowledge and experience in IRS matters is the only way to go.

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