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The success of our CPA firm is specializing in representing payers before the IRS lies in their ability to manage people successfully. Nothing takes the place of the right combination of knowledge, experience, and education. I urge you to take the time to carefully, select the right representative for the job. We feel that our firm has what it takes to favorably solve most any IRS matter, however, difficult it is. Find out what others have realized about our firm and contact us today.

Joe Mastriano, CPAJoe Mastriano, CPA

Joe started the CPA firm in the early 1980’s. Since then, he has represented thousands of taxpayers. After the first few years specializing in taxpayer representation, the firm became a referral source for other CPA’s and attorneys. They gave him their more difficult cases to solve. Today that still happens. He is sought out by people who have hired large companies who made wild promises of results, teaching them to look past the promised claims of results.  Statements such as “We have over 50 years combined experience.” ” We work the fastest or your money back.” “We can definitely get you an offer for X amount of dollars.” must be examined closely. Who is the licensed professional making the statement? Does it make sense? Is it even ethical? Joe stands for “Ethical, Professional, Experienced, Results”. Do not settle for less! » joe@taxproblem.org | 

 Robin Lampear Robin Lampear

Robin is a career accountant. Having worked for CPA firms since the 1970’s, she has developed a strong working knowledge for financial statements and tax returns.
She currently prepares most of the tax returns for the company. She also does financial statement work. Call her with all of your accounting and tax needs. Whether it’s bookkeeping, foreign income, contract labor, or structuring companies, she will know what to do. So let her save you money on your taxes, while helping you make money in your business. All this without an extra risk of an audit. Ask her why most tax returns are “audits waiting to happen”, and why she needs to do your returns. » Robin@taxproblem.org

 Linda Pologruto, Attorney at Law,CPA Linda Pologruto, Attorney at Law,CPA

Linda decided early in her career that she wanted to help taxpayers with all aspects of tax problems. She didn’t waste any time obtaining her Law degree from South Texas College of Law and Certified Public Accountant Certificate after graduating from the University of Houston. After many years of dealing with IRS collection, audit, & appeals, she was more than ready to join our CPA firm. It would be a wise decision to have her handle your case. That’s if you want excellent results. » linda@taxproblem.org

Graylen Briggs, JrGraylen Briggs, Jr

Graylen attended Southern University A & M in Louisiana. He studied engineering while working for Exxon. He has developed excellent management skills as he led a team of employees responsible for analyzing and recording data on the computer and manual files. He was responsible for moving the job forward while managing timely results. He brings his organizational skills, and people skills, to our CPA firm, as he successfully manages cases for us. Graylen came to us very highly recommended and looks forward to a long career of helping people solve their IRS problems.

2014-03-10 09 29 54Stephanie Tyler

Houston native with a family background that originated from Louisiana. She attended University of Houston- Central Campus, with a major in Nursing and minor in Business. When it comes to speaking with clients, customer service is her cup of tea. Has over eight years of experience and enjoys the task of interacting with people. She has extensive knowledge about helping taxpayers resolve their tax issues. She considers her strong communication skills to be a key factor when helping clients. When not at work, she enjoys cooking, shopping and spending time with her son. » stephanie@taxproblem.org

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